Why We Need Cyber Security in Smart Houses ?

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As in Today’s era of modern technologies where all things are connected with the internet, our homes as well, security remains a priority for us. From locking doors to turning on/off the alarms we are surrounded with IOT (internet of things) in our smart homes, and some of the smart homes are able to control temperature itself which is connected with the home owner’s phone via an app. And with these smart homes have become more sophisticated, and we need to protect them. That means cyber security is not only for computers and phones but also for entire homes as well.

Smart Homes are connected with IOT (internet of things). A large number of devices which are connected with the internet in our smart homes and each of the smart devices can be controlled with our smartphone apps.

The automation and technologies upgrading every day, they have improved our lives and made it more comfortable. Everything is within our reach or on click and easily managed and controlled.

However, with the upgrading of these technologies increasing threats and risks for our smart homes. Everything connected with your internet, Wi-Fi that is controlled remotely can be a great cyber security risk also.

Here are some of the smart devices in our homes that can be a great threat to us. Smart television is one of the biggest threats to our privacy which is connected with the internet. Hackers can get into the system and can see all of your activates via the front camera of television which can lead to some serious kind of crime. You can be locked in your smart homes, in other words, the network is infected with ransomware where attack that required the system owner to pay in order to gain access back to the system.

Cyber security smart houses

Cyber security smart houses

Smart home IOT (internet of things) can also be used in a network attack and make them stronger. We don’t know our smart television or a smart fridge can be part of the attack. Hacker can get into the network and using our smart devices for generating an attack DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service Attack).

Smart home IOT can be easily targeted because they have a very small native security software to guard against malicious code. According to estimation, 40% of smart home devices are being targeted by botnets and the number could be increased to 70% by the end of 2021

How we can protect our smart homes!

  • First things you need to know about the product at the time of purchasing, do some research on it and ask the salesperson at the spot what are the risks and how you can prevent them.
  • Secure your devices that control your smart homes with a strong password, do not use common passwords like your nicknames or date of birth. And always change the the default password that is preset by the manufacturer of the device.
  • Always change the password regularly and replace them with some strong numbers and alphabets.
  • Never mention your IOT version number of the model on any public forum.
  • Use voice remote instead of a voice app for your smart home assistant.
  • Always use a firewall that protects your network from outsiders, so no one from outside of the network can get into your network and hijack it or steal your personal information.
  •  Always install the latest security version of software into your smart home devices. This makes it harder for hackers to control it.


Information is an important key factor for us and knowledge is power. To know how to defend your smart homes from security risks provides the best security for our smart homes. So, you can enjoy all the benefits that a smart home brings for us.